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1st September

First Published in The New York Sun,  September 1, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

Special education is one of those areas of education that has been particularly vexing to those running school systems, here and throughout the nation. How do you provide educational services to the increasing number of children who have been found to have disabilities of many types, these services mandated by law, affirmed by the courts, and protected not only by advocacy groups but by parents protecting their own children? And how do you achieve this without bankrupting the system?

This topic has been studied, restudied, picked apart by all sorts of experts. Educators, psychologists, medical doctors, social workers, journalists and, regretfully, lawyers and judges have all weighed in, producing enough articles, studies, reports, recommendations, and legal documents to fill a library. Yet there is still no consensus on how best to provide these mandated services within a reasonable budget. (more…)