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2nd August

First Published in The New York Sun,  August 2, 2002
By Andrew Wolf

Mayor Bloomberg may have thrown the educrats a curve ball when he named trust buster Joel Klein as the new chancellor of the city’s public schools. A parade of chancellors with an educational background have passed through New York in recent years and each has failed. The one non-educator among the recent chancellors, the thankfully departing Harold Levy, was very much a part of the city’s educational establishment, since he served as a member of the State Board of Regents before he took over at 110 Livingston Street. Given this history, I find Mr. Klein’s lack of educational experience a hopeful sign.

My advice to Joel Klein is to ignore for the most part the educational “experts” who theorize about running schools and teaching kids from the comfort and insulation of the central board bureaucracy, district office fiefdoms, schools of education, and private foundations. (more…)

7th May

First Published in The New York Sun,  May 7, 2002
By Andrew Wolf

Adequate funding is important to the school system to be sure. But over $12 billion goes to the schools annually, and spending has risen dramatically in recent years with little, if any, visible improvement. What is really happening to our education dollars?

A close examination of how the system works reveals that it is not enough to merely ship more dollars to a system incapable of effectively spending the dollars they already have. Those who suggest that more funding alone is the answer would be well advised to “follow the money trail.” They will learn that there are many detours on the long and winding path to the classroom. (more…)