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17th April

First Published in The New York Sun, April 17, 2007

By Andrew Wolf

It came as no surprise to Sol Stern of the Manhattan Institute that a class of New York City public high school pupils took a spring break jaunt to communist Cuba. “Sure, they do it every year,” Mr. Stern told me. He sees this as part of something much larger, a cadre of leftists and others caught in a time warp, promoting a 1960s type of radicalism. The problem is, according to Mr. Stern, that they are doing it in the public schools.

Although the city’s education department has rules about nearly everything that goes on in our schools, when it comes to the manipulation of young minds for political ends, not only does there appear to be no effort to stop such practices, but the mayor and chancellor have become unwitting co-conspirators in promoting them. (more…)

2nd March

First Published in The New York Sun, March 2, 2007

By Andrew Wolf

When the history books are written, it will be noted that the beginning of the end of New York’s grand experiment with mayoral control of the schools came at 6:30 a.m. on January 29, 2007. It was then that the city’s school buses began to roll on new routes suggested by an extraordinarily expensive outside consultant, hand-picked without competitive bidding by the Department of Education.

In a certain sense it is a sad reflection of our times that the outrage over the direction of the schools came as a result of the peripheral issue of bus routes. That eighth-grade reading scores haven’t budged in eight years, a reflection of educational stagnation impacting tens of thousands of our students, doesn’t seem quite as compelling as one child waiting in the cold for a bus that never comes. (more…)

5th August

First Published in The New York Sun, August 5, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

The demonstration on Monday of a reported 80 teenagers in front of City Hall protesting the presence of the police in city schools is part of a campaign to thwart the centerpiece of Mayor Bloomberg’s program to restore order in the city’s most dangerous schools. I predict that by this time next year there will be far more protesters available to the adults behind these demonstrations who shamelessly exploit children to further their own radical political goals.

Even as the students protest the policies of the Department of Education, the department is giving their adult handlers control over a new high school that will open next month, the Bronx Leadership Institute. Some 120 pupils will begin class in September to undergo training — perhaps brainwashing is a better word — to protest the “establishment.”That means you, Mr. Bloomberg. (more…)

9th July

First Published in The New York Sun,  July 9, 2002
By Andrew Wolf

Readers be warned: This column may not be totally cogent or accurate. You see, I have recently been informed by the New York Public Interest Research Group, better known as NYPIRG, that I must be suffering the effects of childhood lead poisoning. But then, chances are that you too are suffering from this same affliction, so presumably you won’t be able to tell the difference.

If you are a child of the 1970s or any earlier decade, more likely than not you had levels of lead in your bloodstream that today could win you six or seven figure legal settlements. (more…)