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15th October

By Andrew Wolf

New York City is about to become a “banana republic,” ruled not by the will of the people, but rather by the will of one man, our “benevolent” dictator, King Michael Bloomberg.

Twice the voters mandated term limits for city elected officials. They spoke clearly and their desires were respected. As a result, some very fine public officials were forced to step down. And it must be pointed out that the current crop of City Council members, beneficiaries of the law and the mayor knew exactly the terms of their employment.

25th August

First Published in The New York Sun, August 25, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

Credit is due to Wayne Barrett of the Village Voice for his useful dissection of last week’s Quinnipiac University poll results, which showed Fernando Ferrer maintaining his lead and the other three candidates in a dead heat for second.

Mr. Barrett correctly pointed out that reporters and commentators have been focusing on a smaller sample of likely primary voters, as opposed to the larger sample of Democrats that Quinnipiac has been polling on a regular basis since the beginning of the campaign.We were all just following the road map left for us in the Quinnipiac press release. (more…)

18th August

First Published in The New York Sun, August 18, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

The Democrats held the year’s first “official” mayoral debate Tuesday evening. The event was official because the city’s Campaign Finance Board sponsored it, with participation a prerequisite for obtaining public matching funds.

The “Gang of Four” had sparred previously, indeed frequently — so frequently that the forums made hardly a blip on the public radar screen. But Tuesday’s affair seemed to receive a bit more attention, not so much because of its official status but because the calendar tells us there will be just four more weeks until the Democrats either choose an opponent to Mayor Bloomberg or at least narrow the field. (more…)

16th August

First Published in The New York Sun, August 16, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

Jeanine Pirro’s Senate campaign may have gotten off to a rocky start, what with the controversy over the missing page in her announcement, the 32 seconds of dead air, and the saga of the notorious husband carefully hidden from view.

Mayor Bloomberg, though, probably wishes that the troubled campaign never got under way at all, because it has already put him in an embarrassing and uncomfortable political position. (more…)