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4th May

First Published in The New York Sun, May 4, 2007

By Andrew Wolf

After last night’s GOP presidential debate, speculation is growing that Mayor Bloomberg is running for president, a prospect that is as incredible in 2007 as his initial run for mayor was in 2000.

What is the scenario that would lead to such a campaign?

Aides suggest that if the candidates of the two major parties tilt to “extremes,” the mayor would enter the fray as a “centrist” alternative. It may come as a shock to the mayor that in much of America, he is not perceived as a centrist. He has clearly earned his stripes as a liberal. (more…)

13th November

First Published in The New York Sun, November 13, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

The election news may not be all so dark for those on the right in the Empire State. Buried in the ruins of the statewide Democratic juggernaut — including the loss of three Republican congressional seats, slippage in the state Senate, and the general collapse of the Republicans’ party structure — is a possible nugget of good news.

It appears that the Conservative Party has narrowly beaten out the Working Families Party to keep Line D on the state ballot for the next four years. (more…)