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15th September

First Published in The New York Sun, September 15, 2008

By Andrew Wolf

Michael Phelps, the Olympic champion, is understandably trying to capitalize on his remarkable athletic achievements. In reality, there is little money to be made from swimming. There are no pro swim teams, or other professional competition for which he could be compensated.

So in time-honored tradition, Mr. Phelps is seeking his fortune through endorsements. Last month he delivered endorsements for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and McDonalds Restaurants. He might as well have endorsed firearms for toddlers or condoms for six-year-olds, such was the venom and antagonism of the backlash.


1st December

First Published in The New York Sun, December 1, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn have come up with a plan to name a food policy “tsar.” Just what we need.

Not content to wait until the tsar is crowned, Council Member Alan Gerson threatened to get a head start on things by introducing a ban on the sale of foie gras here in Gotham. His proposal will be used as the opening wedge by animal rights activists ultimately to ban the sale of meat. (more…)

16th October

First Published in The New York Sun, October 16, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

This week we gained a glimpse of the two Michael Bloombergs. One is the level-headed mayor who decries the headline-grabbing politicos who seize on every accident and misfortune, and respects the rights of individuals to choose for themselves whether they want to engage in behavior that may be risky. The other is Nanny Bloomberg, who wants to make sure that all of us are insulated from even the most innocent temptations — even french fries.

When the private plane piloted by Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle smashed into an Upper East Side high rise, Gotham’s politicos rose in a rare show of bipartisanship to call for the East River to be turned into a “no-fly zone.” I fully expect the legislature to quickly pass some kind of bill that would come to be known as “Cory’s Law,” to protect future ballplayers from flying into high-rise buildings. (more…)

6th October

First Published in The New York Sun, October 6, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

In the mid-1960s my father developed chest pains, and so the Wolf family was formally introduced to trans fats –– by our family doctor. The butter with which we slathered our morning toast and cooked our eggs was now a no-no. Instead, we were solemnly told we should substitute margarine, a trans fat then thought of as a healthy substitute for the far more dangerous — and better tasting — butter. Trans fats are in the oil that many restaurants now use to fry potatoes and other things to delicious crispness.

Now unlike my old family doctor, I am not suggesting that trans fat is a health food or even good for you. In fact, I am prepared to concede that trans fat is not good for you. Alas, most things that taste good aren’t good for you. But how bad are these things really? (more…)