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26th January

First Published in The New York Sun, January 26, 2007

By Andrew Wolf

If your child was mugged walking home from school, the first thing that I suspect you would tell him is to avoid taking the same route in the future. In recent years, New York’s schoolchildren have been mugged — intellectually, not physically — by many of our most notable researchers and academics. And the powers-that-be may be getting ready to do it again.

A new group, the Research Partnership for New York City Schools, is being formed to do “independent research” that would, among other things, evaluate the effectiveness of public school policy initiatives. It would have unprecedented access to data generated by the schools. It is modeled after a similar group that operates in Chicago. (more…)

22nd December

First Published in The New York Sun, December 22, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

To much fanfare, recently a group that you probably never heard of, the National Center on Education and the Economy, issued a study titled “Tough Choices, Tough Times: The Report of the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce,” so named, presumably, so you don’t confuse it with the long-forgotten work of the “old” commission.

Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein, himself a member of this “new” commission, were set to fly down to Washington for the press conference until bad weather cancelled their flight. Yet just a week later, the report seems to have already faded into irrelevance, joining hundreds of other tomes gathering dust. Maybe we should stop issuing reports and start applying some common sense to fixing our schools. (more…)

20th October

First Published in The New York Sun, October 20, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

When he is not busy measuring the windows in the governor’s residence for new drapes, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is calculating just how deep into New York City taxpayers’ pockets he can reach to help fund a “settlement” of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit. Barring the miracle of the Court of Appeals rejecting the premise on which litigation such as this is based, New Yorkers can expect this to be costly. There is, however, another choice.

If one figures at $5 billion annually, it is likely that Mr. Spitzer will insist that the city pick up somewhere between 30% and 40% of the tab. According to published reports, he is likely to tie the CFE issue to the mayor’s continued control of the city’s public schools. This has become the “holy grail” to Mayor Bloomberg.The state doesn’t have this money, particularly if we accept Mr. Spitzer’s word that he won’t raise taxes. (more…)

9th December

First Published in The New York Sun, December 9, 2002
By Andrew Wolf

Today’s scheduled groundbreaking for the new Bronx Preparatory Charter School will reflect the hope — and the problems — facing the charter school movement in New York.

Operating in space leased from the Catholic Church, Bronx Prep demonstrated impressive results in its first two years. But to fulfill its mandate to provide a quality middle and high school education, Bronx Prep needs a new building, the space in which to make dreams into reality. (more…)

18th June

First Published in The New York Sun,  June 18, 2002
By Andrew Wolf

The city may be short of money, but now that Mayor Bloomberg has been given control over the public schools, there will be one resource he’ll have in abundance — advice on how to run them.

Much of this advice will come from a source that I call the University-Institutional Complex, the group that really controls education in this town. Just as President Eisenhower warned us of the Military-Industrial Complex that drove up defense spending and shaped American foreign policy, the University-Institutional Complex controls much of what really goes on in the city’s classrooms. (more…)