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9th April

First Published in The New York Sun, April 9, 2007

By Andrew Wolf

Despite the angry rhetoric being bandied about, charter school enthusiasts have every reason to be happy. The number of charters has been doubled. That’s a lot, considering that it took almost a decade to exhaust the 100 charters provided for by the initial legislation, some of the original charters proved to be awful, and the jury is out on many others.

The granting of a charter to run a school — at the taxpayer’s expense — is no small privilege. Young lives hang in the balance. Giving permission to some entity to educate children should be considered with the same seriousness with which we charter a hospital or health care facility. There’s a feeling out there that anyone can run a school, even lawyers or politicians, certainly the last people I would look to in any quest for excellence. (more…)

28th July

First Published in The New York Sun, July 28, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

Two weeks ago, the United States Department of Education released a study that cut to the core of conservative and liberal education orthodoxy. Released on a Friday, so as to be consigned to Saturday coverage, the report demonstrates that there is little, if any gap between student performance at public and private schools.

Private and religious schools do perform better than public schools. But when adjusted by breaking out the performance of children of similar racial and economic backgrounds, the advantage evaporates. (more…)

26th June

First Published in The New York Sun, June 26, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

There are many reasons for the failure of Governor Pataki to convince the legislature to increase the cap on charter schools in New York State.But two miscalculations by advocates of charter schools contributed to the debacle.

One was the insistence of Chancellor Klein on situating a charter school in the building now occupied by a growing and successful public school. Mr. Klein sought to put the Ross Global Academy, a new charter, into the lower east side school building now largely occupied by the New Explorations Into Science, Technology and Math school. NEST+M, a school for academically advanced students, is wildly popular with Manhattan parents, whose children, in my estimation, are the most academically neglected in New York. (more…)

9th December

First Published in The New York Sun, December 9, 2002
By Andrew Wolf

Today’s scheduled groundbreaking for the new Bronx Preparatory Charter School will reflect the hope — and the problems — facing the charter school movement in New York.

Operating in space leased from the Catholic Church, Bronx Prep demonstrated impressive results in its first two years. But to fulfill its mandate to provide a quality middle and high school education, Bronx Prep needs a new building, the space in which to make dreams into reality. (more…)