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6th June

First Published in The New York Sun,  June 6, 2002
By Andrew Wolf

Pity the poor children of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Their parents may be among the most well-to-do in the city, and the public school children there perform better than kids in just about every other New York neighborhood, but they still lack one thing that every child should be entitled to: A neighborhood high school of excellence.

You may have read that there will indeed be such a school on the Upper East Side, but I can report to you that calling it an “Upper East Side High School” belies the truth. Yes, there will be a new small high school located there. Yes, a lease for a new facility has been approved and the first freshman class has been chosen to start in temporary quarters this September. Yes, the politicians will be claiming credit for a great victory for the community. Their claims are empty. (more…)