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19th May

First Published in The New York Sun, May 19, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

On Tuesday, voters throughout New York State went to the polls to approve — or reject — local school budgets and elect the school boards that submit these budgets.Only New York City and the city of Yonkers have been deemed by the legislature as unworthy of this privilege.

This kind of democracy involves all citizens in the discussion of education, whether they have children in the public schools or not. Parents obviously have a stake,as do those who may work in the system.The truth is that everyone has a stake in education. Voters must balance the impact on their wallets with the benefits the schools bring to their area. This can be the larger societal benefit of a well-educated population or the narrower benefit of rising property values. This year about 90% of the state’s school budgets were approved, an increase over recent years. (more…)