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12th May

First Published in The New York Sun, May 12, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

Over the past few weeks I have learned a more about the city’s efforts to provide “equity” for academically advanced students. Failure to air this issue fully in recent years this has left many tens of thousands of our children shortchanged, most of them minority children. Rather than improve the situation, as Mayor Bloomberg promised in his re-election campaign, the cure has made matters worse.

This did not begin during this administration, although the promulgation of new rules to promote “equity” in admissions to programs for the academically advanced have already begun to have the opposite effect.Nowhere is this clearer than in Region One, which comprises most of the west Bronx. Of the 10 regions in the city, Region One has a special distinction. Despite being home to over 100,000 students, more than many big cities, it alone has not a single “self-contained” class in grades K-8 for gifted and talented students. (more…)