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10th March

First Published in The New York Sun, March 10, 2006

By Andrew Wolf

There is a disease spreading from Europe, a dangerous pandemic that will cause death and cause palpitations in our economic growth. I’m not talking about the Avian Flu, but a rare strain of “Mast Hysteria,” as our friends in Britain call the opposition to construction of cell phone antennae.

In Albany, bill is wending its way through the Capitol. This bill, with a raft of co-sponsors from both parties, would, if passed into law, effectively shut down the installation of new cell phone antennae in our urban areas. For the most part, the crippling effects will come down on us right here, in the nation’s center of communications. In the Assembly, the lead sponsor is Queens Assemblyman Michael Gianaris,a Democrat.More ominously, Republican Frank Padavan, a legislator who usually has his head screwed on straight, is leading the charge in the State Senate. (more…)