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23rd December

First Published in The New York Sun, December 23, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

The pointless, illegal strike by the Transport Workers Union is over. There was no gain won by the union that any rational person could point to, but a lot of pain for ordinary folks and for the city’s economy.As an example,the fellow who owns my local dry-cleaning establishment arrived at work late yesterday.

The contingency plan necessitated by the strike took what is normally a 15-minute commute from nearby Westchester into an hour-and-half nightmare. The New York Police Department set up a checkpoint at the city line, turning away cars with fewer than four passengers from entering the Henry Hudson Parkway. The police did not want to hear that the ultimate destination of the driver was the 232nd Street exit, well within the Bronx, and miles north of 96th Street in Manhattan. (more…)