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9th December

First Published in The New York Sun, December 9, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

On a winter night nearly two years ago, an operator in the city’s emergency response center received a desperate call for help. “We’re taking in water.…We’re on the Long Island Sound in a boat off the coast of City I … . Oh, my God,we’re going to die!”Then the operator lost the signal from the cell phone.

The call was made by 17-year-old Henry Badillo. Young Henry and three pals filched a rowboat from a City Island marina, and set off for nearby Hart Island.

The late night adventure ended tragically. The call faded out before enough information could be gathered to direct a rescue effort. It was 14 hours before it became clear what happened. Any hope of saving the boys was lost along with that call.Had young Henry been able to maintain contact for just seconds longer, the boys might have been saved. (more…)