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4th November

First Published in The New York Sun, November 4, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

Even before what seems to surely be an early concession speech Tuesday night by Fernando Ferrer, the blame game among the Democrats has begun. The party with a 5-to-1 voter enrollment edge is poised to lose its fourth straight mayoral election. This will mark the longest period in the city’s history that the Democrats have been shut out of City Hall. Blame needs to be assigned, but you can be sure that Mr. Ferrer and his handlers will point fingers at everyone but themselves.

Some of the anger will be aimed at those fellow Democrats, like the president of Brooklyn, Marty Markowitz, and Council Members Eva Moskowitz and Margarita Lopez who, grounded in reality, understand that Mayor Bloomberg is more likely to deliver a better run municipal government than Mr. Ferrer. (more…)