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4th October

First Published in The New York Sun, October 4, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

In the final analysis it was the election that ended the long-simmering contract dispute between the United Federation of Teachers and the Department of Education (subject, of course, to the ratification of the members). Sources close to the negotiations confirm that it was the mayor who kept the deliberations moving even as his own Education Department officials took a hard line.

Mayor Bloomberg was eager to deny this issue to Fernando Ferrer. By settling with the teachers, the mayor removes the lack of a contract as a Ferrer talking point. Not clear is whether the teachers might endorse the mayor, something I suspect is not likely. But it is now less likely that they would back Mr. Ferrer. The union can turn its attention to winning ratification from the membership, an excuse to remain above the political fray. I view the contract settlement as a victory for Mayor Bloomberg. (more…)