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16th September

First Published in The New York Sun, September 16, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

Gotham’s third-, fifth-, and seventhgrade students received good news this week. As a result of a “compromise” between the city’s Department of Education and the State Education Department, the students will only need to take one set of standardized tests this year, not two. This comes from efforts to comply with federal regulations under the No Child Left Behind education law. These require states to administer objective tests to children in grades three through eight every year.

That the children will have to take but one set of tests is the only good to come from a bad deal, a compromise that doesn’t fix the mess created by the incompetence of the state officials. The result may be fewer tests, but the ones given will undermine the reason that tests are administered in the first place: to help children learn by identifying weaknesses. A casualty of this may be Mayor Bloomberg’s program to “end” social promotion. (more…)