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12th September

First Published in The New York Sun, September 12, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

Last week Fernando Ferrer, who has led the pack of four Democratic mayoral hopefuls since the beginning of the race, expressed frustration with the runoff system, which dashed his hopes four years ago and could do the same this year.

“I think it hasn’t helped the party. I think you’ve seen situations over the course of time, from 1973 going forward, when we’ve had runoffs that have been very hurtful,” he opined last Wednesday on the WB11 Morning News. They may have been hurtful to Mr. Ferrer, who was defeated in the 2001 runoff by the runner-up in the primary, Mark Green, but they certainly worked fine for Mayors Beame and Koch, two of the three Democrats who have occupied City Hall since the system began in 1973. David Dinkins passed the 40% threshold in 1989 to become the Democratic nominee without a runoff. (more…)