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9th September

First Published in The New York Sun, September 9 , 2005

By Andrew Wolf

Before school begins, parents caution their children not to play with certain boys and girls who may exert a “bad influence” on them. But what of the teachers, principals, and superintendents? What troublemakers are they hanging out with? Here is a list of people about whom you should caution the educators you know and love:

Jonathan Kozol, the author who has made a career of blaming all of the problems of children on American society, insists we are shortchanging them and are responsible for their failure. But there is never any call for parents to take charge of their offspring. Mr. Kozol favors a more collective model, that of Castro’s Cuba. Mr. Kozol has become rich writing books that are listed as nonfiction but belong on the shelves where fantasies are sold. (more…)