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28th June

First Published in The New York Sun, June 28, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

The famous photograph of a tightlipped Mayor Bloomberg being kissed by Bertha Lewis, the executive director of the far-left activist group ACORN, is displayed in glorious color on the front page of the current issue of City Limits magazine. A few weeks ago, the same liplock was featured on the editorial page of the Sun. That a Republican mayor, Mr. Bloomberg, is the recipient of this “bacio della morte”from the far left’s diva of dependency is astounding.

Even more surprising is that Mr. Bloomberg is lionized in much of this issue of the magazine as “the people’s mayor.” But amazingly, Mr. Bloomberg appears to be able to move as far to the left as he wants, without paying any price from Republicans, who can’t possibly agree with even a small part of Ms. Lewis’s agenda. (more…)