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7th June

First Published in The New York Sun, June 7, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

As some suggest that this year’s mayoral election is over, with Mayor Bloomberg certain to slide into a second term in City Hall, others are working very hard to make sure that this doesn’t happen. It has been reported that the Sergeants Benevolent Association, the police union that took the spotlight for providing the venue for Fernando Ferrer’s disastrous Amadou Diallo remarks, is actively raising funds from among its members for the mayor’s main Republican opponent, Thomas Ognibene.

Not that they endorse Mr. Ognibene, mind you. This is just an effort to “level the playing field” against the mayor. Mr. Ognibene is still $200,000 short of the quarter-million he needs to qualify for the 6-to-1 public matching funds that will instantly give him a seven-figure war chest.This may be a drop in the bucket compared with the estimated $100 million that the mayor may end up spending through November, but it could make a huge impact in a Republican primary. (more…)