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27th April

First Published in The New York Sun, April 27 , 2005

By Andrew Wolf

The rap on Anthony Weiner, the Brooklyn-Queens Democratic congressman who wants to become mayor, is that he really isn’t serious about winning the job this year, but is positioning himself for 2009.I don’t believe that this is his motivation. I am convinced that when he takes his place on the platform with the other three Democratic hopefuls, he looks from side to side and tells himself, “I’m smarter than they are, so why shouldn’t I be mayor?”

Mr. Weiner has a built-in advantage that gives credence to the idea that he is willing to defer his dream. Win, lose, or draw, either in September or November, he has a job to go back to the next morning. He is young, energetic and he is impressing audiences. The next round of polling may show Mr. Weiner pulling into a serious, solid third-place position. Unless lightning strikes the campaign of Gifford Miller, the council speaker seems destined to fall into last place among the four Democratic contenders. (more…)