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19th April

First Published in The New York Sun, April 19 , 2005

By Andrew Wolf

Mayor Bloomberg is faced with a difficult and all-too-predictable problem. How does he justify his association with the New York State Independence Party as long as the party is run by Lenora Fulani? Ms. Fulani’s troublesome presence on the New York political scene is nothing new, but her clever coopting of the party that emerged from the Ross Perot campaign of 1992 and the deep pockets of upstate businessman Thomas Golisano has made her a real political power in New York State.

The remarks that New York 1’s Dominic Carter so ably confronted her with last week are nothing new. She and Fred Newman,her long-time “mentor,” have been flirting with anti-Semitism on the left and right for years. They have been accused of running a cult, the East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy, which is said to advocate political activism as a cure for mental illness. (more…)