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31st March

First Published in The New York Sun, March 31, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

Next Wednesday, the Manhattan borough president, C. Virginia Fields, who hopes to become the next mayor, will be getting up early, packing up her no. 2 pencils and spiral bound notebooks and heading to school. Not as a student but as a principal, or, more accurately, “Principal for a Day.” She will be participating in the annual program sponsored by Public Education Needs Civic Involvement in Learning, or, Pencil, a group that seeks to harness the business community for the benefit of the public schools.

Ms. Fields has her lesson plans at the ready, and her unlikely student appears to be her former Bronx counterpart and mayoral rival, Fernando Ferrer. This is because the significance of her participation in the program this year is not that she’s participating but where she will be acting as principal. Ms. Fields is headed for a yet-to-be-decided school in the Bronx, at her own request, and her lesson for Mr. Ferrer is clear: she intends to take the mayoral race right to his door in his home borough. (more…)