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21st March

First Published in The New York Sun, March 21, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

My erstwhile Bronx High School of Science classmate, Arthur Levine of Columbia University Teachers College, was in the news last week. He is the author of a three-part report on the state of the nation’s education schools, the first part of which was released last week. It focuses on the programs designed to educate school leaders. Mr. Levine rejects every existing program as “inadequate and appalling.”
Financing this four-year project is a laundry list of the usual suspects, the foundations behind every hare-brained educational “reform.” Their ideas have taken American schools from among the world’s best to a solid position among the world’s most mediocre. Mr. Levine is not wrong about the uselessness of the current programs to train school leaders. He wants to eliminate the doctorate in education, and require a new master’s degree in educational administration for principals and other school system administrators. He charges, accurately, that many of the graduate courses required of teachers and principals, upon which increases in salary depends, are a waste of time.