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10th March

First Published in The New York Sun, March 10, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

In August 1997, Democratic mayoral hopeful Ruth Messinger filmed a television commercial that portrayed a class of public school students being taught in a bathroom, an attempt to highlight school overcrowding.The message was that Mayor Giuliani, who trimmed the budget of the school system, was responsible for this outrage.
Unfortunately for Ms. Messinger, the commercial was totally staged, filmed in a rented private school, portraying a condition that was totally atypical of the reality of the public school system. No one was more outraged than Rudolph Crew, who was then schools chancellor. He charged Ms. Messinger with “sordid duplicity” and that she “acted in very, very, very poor taste” and engaged in “gross misrepresentation” by depicting children “routinely being seated in urinals.”