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11th February

First Published in The New York Sun, February 11, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

In education, as in so many other endeavors, it is always better to learn from the success or failure of others than to make costly mistakes yourself. That is why it is useful to study the experiences of other states, cities, and schools before committing too much to experimental programs. Recent events in California should provide a rationale for an immediate course correction here in New York.

Much of what is done in our schools today falls into the category of “experimental.” For instance, tens of thousands of New York City children are still herded into bilingual education programs. Hundreds of thousands of children have been educated,or in all too many cases,not educated under these programs. In many, if not most of the bilingual models found here, students are exposed to what can only be described as an environment tilted towards the child’s native language. (more…)