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3rd February

First Published in The New York Sun, February 3, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

If Mayor Bloomberg is wondering why he is attracting so much opposition in the middle-class neighborhoods from which he drew his strongest support, and even from within his own Republican Party, he should take a look at some of the new “small” schools that are being established by the Department of Education. Many of these schools have radical left-wing themes and agendas, in and of itself inappropriate.And one new school in the Bronx takes it a step further.

That is the new Leadership Institute High School, to be created by September at the Fordham section of the Bronx. The sponsor of the school is a radical group, the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, which has been especially antagonistic to the Bloomberg administration. (more…)

2nd February

First Published in The New York Sun, February 2, 2005

By Andrew Wolf

As much as the mayor would prefer that it not become an issue, the way he has been running the schools may well become the top issue in the upcoming campaign. Several candidates are already sharpening the knives in what promises to be the highest stakes test of all: who gets virtually unlimited control over the nation’s largest school system. Mayor Bloomberg and his direct appointee, Chancellor Klein, now have total say over filling thousands of top-level jobs paying more than $100,000 a year. The concentration of that amount of patronage in one person’s hands is unprecedented in the history of New York or any other city.
The counter-offensive is already beginning.

The City Council speaker, Gifford Miller, is taking his oversight panel on the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit on the road, hitting Queens tomorrow and setting a series of “cyber-hearings” on the Internet as well. Mr. Miller has (more…)