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15th September

First Published in The New York Sun, September 15, 2004

By Andrew Wolf

John P. Comer is a medical doctor, a child psychiatrist who has had enormous influence over public policy in education during the past 35 years. His new book, “Leave No Child Behind” (Yale University Press, 327 pages, $28), is an admitted effort to claim the Bush administration’s slogan for a very different vision for our children. 

    Dr. Comer sees schools as basically social service agencies. His book presents a beautiful vision of schools that counsel students through their emotional traumas and help parents become worthy citizens. “Leave No Child Behind” is a description of Dr. Comer’s methods and comprehensively reviews his work, at least as it regards the elementary school grades (even the seemingly always-positive Dr. Comer is hesitant to discuss the middle and upper grades, the real test for progressive education ideologues — he promises that discussion in a future volume).  (more…)