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11th June

First Published in The New York Sun, June 11, 2004

By Andrew Wolf

Now begins the time for the accountability on schools that we were promised by Mayor Bloomberg. The first test results under the new Department of Education are not good news. And the mayor, instead of acknowledging the disappointing results, is regrettably making excuses for them, doing himself exactly what he used to criticize the old Board of Education for.

The most troublesome results — on fourthand eighth-grade English Language Assessment tests administered by the State of New York — show a nearly three-point drop in the fourth grade. This breaks a trend established during the previous four years of steady growth.In 1999, just 32.7% of the city’s fourth graders tested at grade-level in reading.This rose to 52.4% by last year. But this year, under the new “reform” program, scores dropped for the first time since the baseline was established.  (more…)