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7th May

First Published in The New York Sun, May 7, 2004

By Andrew Wolf

Smaller is better.This is one of those feel-good theories that now rule the New York public schools. 
Rich people, no doubt with the best of intentions, have opened their wallets to fund the spread of this concept. Microsoft’s Bill Gates, the world’s richest person, has kicked in $51 million to further this idea in our high schools. 

As I suggested in a column in October, this may be “Gates’ Revenge” on his old nemesis, Schools Chancellor Klein, who as a top Clinton Justice Department official targeted Microsoft as a monopoly. 
There is no dispute that New York’s high schools are a disaster. But it is not because they are too big.These same schools were successful in educating millions of students, including those from the poorest homes,for generations.How did these once-great schools fall so far, so fast?  (more…)