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9th April

First Published in The New York Sun, April 9, 2004

By Andrew Wolf

The secret effort by officials of the Department of Education to open a new middle/high school in the center of the Riverdale community in the northwest Bronx demonstrates what is wrong with the “reform” that has put the mayor in charge of the schools without oversight. With no consultation with anyone in the community, this “stealth school” is being set up in the basement of a luxury apartment building,space previously used as an annex to the local schools across the street. A student body to fill it is being recruited miles away in the South Bronx. 

    The proposed school is named the “funmathschool,” and its program is a mix of math games and tricks, along with a dose of left-wing political indoctrination. This project comes from the midlevel educrats of Region One, known for their hostility to Riverdale and its educational aspirations, rather than from City Hall or Tweed. Every other similar new school in the Bronx will be in an existing high school. Only Riverdale has been targeted with a freestanding new school. It will be a measure of the political astuteness of Mayor Bloomberg whether he listens to the pleas of a community that supported him in the last election, or risk its ire at the polls when they deliver to him the “accountability” over the education issue that mayoral control implies.  (more…)