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2nd April

First Published in The New York Sun, April 2, 2004

By Andrew Wolf

  It is unfortunate that the debate over education has come to a case of money, the commodity that has proven time and time again to have little effect on improving the performance of the most at-risk students. 

This is not to say that increasing the amount of money well spent on our schools won’t help. Perhaps it will. But as a society, we have demonstrated a knack to throw good money after bad, and then shake our heads when the outcomes don’t match our expectations. Maybe what we need are new ideas. 

The myth that money will solve all educational ills was popularized by Jonathan Kozol and discussed in an article in City Journal by Sol Stern as “America’s Most Influential — and Wrongest — School Reformer.” Mr. Kozol’s writings, often filled with inaccuracies, exaggerations, and deception, have driven the court cases like the successful case brought by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity in New York State. This case has shifted the discussion away from “What works?” to “How much will it take to make the programs we know don’t work perhaps work better?”  (more…)