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5th March

First Published in The New York Sun, March 5, 2004

By Andrew Wolf

There is no question that the pernicious practice of social promotion, the passing on of failing kids from grade to grade based on their age rather than their performance-needs to be ended. This has been an issue raised again and again for the past quarter century, kept alive largely through the efforts of Herman Badillo, who has been a lonely voice for the restoration of high standards to our public education system at all levels. 

    Had Mr. Badillo been elected mayor instead of Michael Bloomberg, and if he were running the schools, I have no doubt that the school system would look greatly different from the ultra-“progressive” touchy-feely model put in place by Chancellor Klein and his deputy for teaching and learning, Diana Lam. 

    That’s why it saddens me to see Mr. Badillo allowing himself to be used as a prop to defend Mr. Klein’s wrong-headed promotional policy.  (more…)