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20th February

First Published in The New York Sun, February 20, 2004

By Andrew Wolf

The first clue that perhaps the concept of Mayor Bloomberg controlling the public schools might not have been such a grand idea after all came less than three weeks after Mr. Bloomberg formally assumed control of the schools, at a press conference in the Blue Room at City Hall on July 18, 2002. Introducing his seven appointees to the city’s Panel for Educational Policy — the chancellor, at that point unnamed, is the eighth mayoral member, while the borough presidents pick one member each — the mayor shocked many in the room by declaring, “I do not expect to see their names,ever,in the press answering a question either on the record or off the record.” 

    The mayor went on to say, “They don’t have to speak, and they don’t have to serve. That’s what serving ‘at the pleasure’ means.”  (more…)