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6th February

First Published in The New York Sun, February 6, 2004

By Andrew Wolf

 Imagine if the president of the nation’s most prestigious medical school dismissed the idea of the federal government insisting that drugs and therapies be tested for efficacy and safety, employing the best scientific methodology. Imagine if he proposed that we leave it to the localities to use whatever treatments they favored, backed up by nothing more than the belief system of the local witch doctor.The outcry would be enormous. Yet last week the president of one of our nation’s best-known schools of education did exactly that. 

    One of the most remarkable — and revealing — articles about the state of education appeared in the January 28, 2004,edition of the Daily News.In it,the president of Columbia University Teachers College, Arthur Levine, strongly attacked the federal government for insisting that reading programs must be proven by scientific research to actually work in order to receive funding. By questioning this perfectly reasonable provision of the law, Mr. Levine reveals himself and his institution to be advocates of what it nothing more than educational alchemy. Our children deserve better.  (more…)