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30th January

First Published in The New York Sun, January 30, 2004

By Andrew Wolf

For those who care about the political process, the past two weeks have been delicious. As we all know, based on little more than Internet fund raising and dubious poll results, the pundits and politicians declared Howard Dean the inevitable Democratic nominee for president.

Trouble is, they never bothered to ask the voters what they thought. Once the voters started taking a closer look at Dr. Dean, they decided that they didn’t like what they saw. That the talking heads had awarded the former Vermont governor the nomination before a single vote was cast was stupid, but not as stupid as the knee jerk actions of the Democratic pols who should have known better. Hundreds of them eagerly jumped on board the Dean bandwagon, endorsing a candidate they really didn’t know or care about. I suspect that many of them would now like to jump off that sinking ship.  (more…)