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23rd January

First Published in The New York Sun, January 23, 2004

By Andrew Wolf

This is the winter of discontent at the Department of Education. Since the beginning of the year, press coverage of the educational “reforms” of Chancellor Joel Klein and, by extension, Mayor Bloomberg, has been disastrous. Sources tell me that the mayor is livid that the nearly uniform hosannas he is used to seeing in the papers, have given way to mounting criticism.

So sensitive is the new Tweed Ring to these negative reports that the chancellor has even felt the need to directly respond to my columns on curriculum problems, and those of other critics, in a letter to the editor in the January 15 number of The New York Sun and in an op-ed in yesterday’s New York Post. I’m flattered by his attention, but his critics in the press are the least of his problems. In fact, we may be his best friends.  (more…)