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12th December

First Published in The New York Sun, December 12, 2003

By Andrew Wolf

  It appears increasingly likely that the plans for parent councils, the result of the settlement of a lawsuit between Mayor Bloomberg, Chancellor Klein, and legislative leaders last spring, may not be approved by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice on the grounds that it violates the Voting Rights Act. The rejection of this insane structure would be a good thing for the students, the parents, the community at large, and the concept of democracy, even though the decision could be arrived at for the wrong reasons. 

    Under the plan, parent councils would replace elected community school boards.These councils would be composed of nine parents elected by the officers of parents’ associations of all the schools in each of the 32 community school districts. This would make New York City voters perhaps the least empowered on school matters anywhere in the nation.That serves the interests of the New Tweed Ring, which seems to believe that less democracy is better than more.This is in the great totalitarian tradition, the model that much of our “reformed” education system seems to follow.  (more…)