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5th December

First Published in The New York Sun, December 5, 2003

By Andrew Wolf

 According to the office of City Comptroller William Thompson, the Department of Education has overspent its budget for professional service contracts by more than $200 million. Since only $150 million or so was budgeted in the first place, this is a remarkable increase in nonclassroom spending for a system that the courts have ruled does not spend an adequate amount of money educating our children. Much of this sum is directed to “teaching the teachers,” rather than children. 

    Even for our billionaire mayor, this is real money, enough to fund about 30 charter revision campaigns. How did our friends at Tweed manage to spend so much, so fast, and why? They are pouring money down the black hole called “professional development.” This is the very favorite expenditure of the “progressive” education establishment. For those who don’t understand what this is, allow me to explain. (more…)