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25th November

First Published in The New York Sun, November 25, 2003

By Andrew Wolf

With Mayor Bloomberg scraping the bottom in recent polls, the prospect of a Democrat retaking City Hall is more than just a possibility. However, you don’t beat somebody (particularly somebody with $4 billion) with a nobody — or do you? Amazingly, Democrats could turn to the man who sabotaged their effort to retake City Hall two years ago, the former president of the Bronx, Fernando Ferrer. Some consider Mr. Ferrer as having almost a lock on the nomination. God save us. 

    As a publisher of Bronx community newspapers, I have watched his career unfold and soar as the borough he presided over sank and stagnated. Rarely has someone who has accomplished so little gone so far. In the absence of real substance, Mr. Ferrer has substituted race. That’s what he did when he ran in 2001, and that’s the reason he invites opposition should he run again.  (more…)