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18th November

First Published in The New York Sun, November 18, 2003

By Andrew Wolf

The chairwoman of the City Council’s education committee, Eva Moskowitz, has been holding hearings regarding the contracts of the various unions that represent the employees of the city’s public schools. The question is why. Ms. Moskowitz aggressively promoted the hearings, promising a page-by-page examination of the minutiae of the contracts of the teachers, the principals, and the custodians. But what she delivered was nothing new, a rehash of old material well known to the press, the public, and presumably even the council. 

    Is it news to Ms. Moskowitz that the teachers contract makes it difficult to remove bad teachers, or that teacher transfers are done on a seniority basis? Has Ms. Moskowitz just discovered that teachers are no longer required to do lunch duty?  (more…)