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1st October

First Published in The New York Sun, October 1, 2003

By Andrew Wolf

Poor children are on buses for hours, traveling between distant corners of the city in search of a better school. It’s a high price to pay for a good education. But when they arrive at their destination, are they getting what they bargained for? The answer is no. These children are victims of a perfect storm of bureaucratic incompetence: an ill-conceived federal law, administered in a ham-handed way by an insensitive state agency, implemented by clueless educrats here in the city. 

    The much-heralded No Child Left Behind law seems to be leaving not just these children on the bus, but it possibly is diminishing the educational opportunities of thousands of other children as well. Those children have no option to leave their schools, despite the fact that they attend schools that are “failing” when measured by the same criteria that allowed the other children to transfer.  (more…)