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5th September

First Published in The New York Sun, September 5, 2003

By Andrew Wolf

In preparation for the new school year that is set to begin on Monday,teachers,principals,and even parent coordinators are being subjected to endless hours of “professional development.” In fact, hundreds of millions of dollars, an unprecedented amount anywhere, will be spent every year to train these staffers.
So that us ordinary folk can keep up with the Bloomberg educational “reforms,” I humbly submit this short “professional development” course to help
parents and taxpayers understand what is really going on.

The new uniform literacy curriculum is actually not a curriculum at all. A curriculum is a map of what topics are studied when and in which subjects. A year of algebra, a term of geography, a course in American history, and the contents of each course, would be part of a curriculum.What the Department of Education offers is actually a structured teaching methodology, not a curriculum. (more…)