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9th July

First Published in The New York Sun, July 9, 2003

By Andrew Wolf

Ayear ago,I wrote a column attempting to dispel the myth that lead poisoning as currently defined poses a public health threat.In light of the July 1 court decision striking down Local Law 38,and the moronic zeal of the current City Council to pass a Draconian replacement, clearly it’s time to make another attempt.Even at the low threshold that now defines poisoning, the number of afflicted children is plummeting. The time has come to declare victory and move on.Unfortunately,pandering politicos serving as the handmaidens of trial lawyers keep trying to lower the standards by which we determine who is lead poisoned.

Several years ago I learned more about lead poisoning than I ever wanted to know. I was leading an initiative to build a new middle school in the Marble Hill community. A building site between two existing schools there,Kennedy High School and P.S. 37,had already been chosen,when the initiative ran into opposition from a small group of activists desperate to stop any project that was seen to benefit a middle-class community like Riverdale.There are anti-lead activists who brag that they can find lead anywhere, and one was dispatched to P.S. 37 to do so. (more…)