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3rd March

First Published in The New York Sun, March 3 , 2003
By Andrew Wolf

Parents and alumni of the Bronx High School of Science are alarmed that their school may be removed from the direct supervision of the chancellor and come under the control of a superintendent with a track record of opposing gifted and talented programs.

Bronx Science, Stuyvesant, and the other specialized high schools would, under the restructuring plan proposed by Chancellor Joel Klein, likely be supervised by the newly installed regional superintendents.
Under this plan, the 32 Community School Districts would be combined into these 10 regions, and the high school divisions eliminated.

This means the Bronx High School of Science’s instructional program will be overseen by the current District 10 superintendent, Irma Zardoya, who is slated to head the new Region 1, which covers the west Bronx. (more…)